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9th May 2017

This week in the Tech Suite we have been analysing our telemetry data, carrying out car maintenance and explaining to our guest what we do and how we do it!


We've been looking at the telemetry data from Rockingham and using this to work out how to drive even more efficiently!

Richard presenting telemetry data from Rockingham 350 pixels    Advice for efficient driving 350 pixels

Emily & Ella have been discussing carbon fibre techniques with our visitor Andy.

Emily and Ella discuss carbon fibre techniques with our visitor Andy 350 pixels 

In the meantime team members are carrying out ongoing maintenance as Dougal hashis puncture repaired & Dylan has his seat fixed.

Dougal has a puncture 350 pixels   Blowing up Dougals tyre 350 pixels   Phoebe and Cerys fix Dylans seat 350 pixels