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16th May 2017

This Tuesday, we sat down and wrote a race report for Rockingham at the start, then went on to practise pits and sort out wheels - by Alex and Cate

The race report involes us all contributing highlights of the season opener and things that we need to improve on. We had all decided that our communication had become better and the fact that we had came first and second was a big plus too!

Analysing previous races 350 pixels

 We have been cleaning the new wheels. This involves lightly sanding off the excess resin with some sandpaper so to not damage the carbon fibre underneath.

Cleaning Wheels 350 pixels  

 Pit practises are essential to improve the speed at which they are performed. With continous practise, we hope to gain faster times, which in turn will make our time in the pit lane shorter during races.

Pit Practise 350 pixels

By Alex and Cate