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2017 New members' Perspective

2017 New Team Members' Perspective

In order to make the team sustainable, each year CAUC look to recruit a number of new team members; predominantly from the new cohort of Year 7. We asked our new starters to reflect on their first year with CAUC, and this is what they had to say…..

20171212 CAUC EOY YEAR 8



“Becoming a member of car club was an exciting yet daunting experience for me. As a Year 7, I felt very grateful to have been given this opportunity and couldn’t wait to take part in the engineering and racing of the cars. The other members of the team were very welcoming to me and I settled in very quickly. My favourite part of being in car club so far is getting involved with the making of Basil, our newest car. My first race was an amazing experience, and although I didn’t race I soon found out the importance of the other jobs to take part in. After this race I was really excited for the races yet to come and I am looking forward to the rest of the season!”


“When I first joined I was very excited and couldn’t wait to go to my first meeting. I was the third new Year 7 to join car team but I didn’t know anyone anyway. The reason why I joined was because I saw all the amazing achievements and I was really interested in how the cars worked. The one thing that I was really looking forward to was driving in one of the cars at races. The first race I went to, I drove Dougal in the season opener at Rockingham. I and 2 other drivers got Dougal into second place and the car that came first was the international champion (Dylan).”


“I applied for the team because I wanted a new experience, to make friends, to do the thing I love, to drive the cars and an insight to what my future might hold if I carry on loving engineering and designing. When I first started car team 1% of me was nervous but the other 99% of me was eager to get started on doing the thing I have a passion for (Design and Technology e.g.: engineering). My first evening with the car team was exciting. I saw one of my friends who I had known since primary school which helped me settle in. The first few weeks went by and I was learning lots - there was so many questions I wanted to ask. My first race came round the corner so fast. There was so much to take in! I was able to drive one of the cars for the first time in the practice and it was so enjoyable. I loved every minute of it! I could not wait to do it again. I got the news that I would be driving again in the race and I was overjoyed. In the races I have to learn how to do all of the jobs which means I am learning so much about cars and Greenpower and I hope I can go on and do it for many more years. My job at the moment at races is seat belts I have to learn how to do this job quickly but make sure I do it right otherwise it could cost the team time. I love getting the chance to drive but I know every job is equal and I will do whatever it takes to help the team win or do a good job in a race. In the races I love watching or doing the jobs that need doing because I know it will be another learning point for me.”


"In CAUC we have been doing pit practice. There are lots of different jobs in pit practice. There is seatbelts which two people do and back straps that one person does. There is a pusher, stopper and a driver. We also have coms and on Monday and Tuesday lunchtimes you can also do extra pit practice. When making Basil I took part in making part of the wheels out of carbon fibre. We also used some carbon fibre to make parts of basil out of. Also on some Tuesdays some people will be making a blog about what we do.”


“I applied for CAUC because of my experience with Greenpower Goblins. During my time at primary school I really enjoyed making and competing with our goblin car. Once I heard about CAUC in the first few weeks of Year 7 I knew it was something I would like to keep up. Being part of this team is definitely one of my highlights in Year 7. I have made lots of new friends and learned lots from the other team members.”


“When I started car team I was very excited and felt exceptionally small compared to the older ones (I am still small). I wanted to start car team because I saw all their amazing achievements and to think that I could be part of a world champion team would be incredible. I was the first Year 7 in car team and I was until the start of 2017. But in that time I learnt a lot about the cars and how they work. One thing that I was most looking forward to was actually driving the cars and getting the closest feeling to driving a car. My first race was probably the most confusing but obviously exciting. One thing that I was most proud of was driving the car in practise but then that soon led on to driving Dougal in the 2nd race. Not only that, Dougal came second and our world champion car Dylan came 1st. This was all at the Rockingham season opener. Overall me joining car team was a brilliant decision and I look forward to the future with them.”