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Dylan (2015)



International final winner in 2016. Dylan is the latest car from Sandbach High School. Dylan saw his first race action at Croft in 2015 and managed to collect a couple of 2nd places, including a 2nd place at the International Finals that October. It was however only at Rockingham in July 2016 that Dylan received his full `Faux-rrari’ race livery and all the technical developments that the team had planned for him.

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Brian (2006)

Small Brian


Brian, the team's 4th car is Greenpower’s longest serving race car, racking up over 5,500 race miles in 10 years and still competing as of the 2016 International Finals at Rockingham last October.

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Carbon QT (2003)

Carbon QT

After the team all put together their ideas, with our new found help and ambitions it was decided that we were going to build the new car as a ‘monocoque‘ construction where there would be no chassis as such.

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